Motives Cosmetics Top 5 Fall Make-up Items to Have

Top 5 Fall Make-up Items to Have
Top 5 Fall Make-up Items to Have

Simplicity is beauty. True as it is, we could never deny the reality that many women today uses a variety of make-up depending on their preferences, occasion, and of course, the year’s season. Each season of the year brings a different trend; and one of women’s favorite season – fall, for it is the time in which they can fully experiment on the make-up color combination and because Motives Cosmetics fall make-up items brings so much freshness and fun in using.

Fall make-up items bring so much fun in mixing and matching. Aside from that, they are very versatile for they can be used both day and night. Following are the top 5 fall make-up items to have for women who love to keep themselves more beautiful with make-ups.


Moisturizers and Lotions. Moisturizers and lotion are one of the important must-haves on your fall make-up items. Fall is the transition season from summer to winter, thus the air during this season changes its temperature affecting your skin. With lotions and moisturizers, your skin is being protected from this change. Choose lotions and moisturizers with greater SPF for it could protect you from the heat of the sun too.
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Concealers. Most women have blemish and dark spots on face. With concealers, these blemish and dark spots fade or disappear. It is important to have as one of your fall make-up items especially if you have dark eye bags. Concealers come in different shades, but the most commonly used by many women is the nude shade.

An all-in-one quad to contour, highlight and conceal. The mineral-rich formula contains vitamins and oils to moisturize and condition skin throughout the day, making it ideal for all skin types. Here are some benefit mineral formula is great for all skin types, Paraben, fragrance, oil and dye free.

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Red Lipstick. Red never goes out of season, and red-luscious lips are an all-time head turner. Having a red lipstick for your fall make-up items completes your set for all-night party, daily appointments, and even just for your casual walks.

Eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is a must-have for fall. It is fit both for daytime and night time. Depending on your choice, you can use one with a natural shade or ones with colors, or have a combination of two different colors. Accentuating your eyes with eyeshadow does not just give you a dramatic look, but also emphasizes the beauty of your eyes. Make eyeshadow one of your must-haves fall make-up items.

Eyeliner. Another one of the fall make-up items that you should have in your make-up kit is the eyeliner. As much as eyeshadow emphasizes the beauty of your eyes, eyeliners do the same. It could come in black, brown, blue and a lot more colors. Glittered eyeliners are also of trend during fall season giving you an extra look of a shining, shimmering beauty.

With all your fall make-up items ready in your make-up bag, it is also important that you take some little effort with how you dress. Dressing completes your overall head-turner presence. You don’t need to have new dresses each day; all you have to do is find the time to mix and match your old jeans, blouses and dresses depending on the occasion or event you are going.  You don’t have to be that classy to feel beautiful during fall. With all your fall make-up items at hand and your old, trendy and fashionable clothes, being beautiful and keeping your self-esteem with your natural beauty, your fall is already perfect.

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