About me

DSC04760(1)Hello my name is Naomi Jordan Cook. I love family. I love discovering passion in others. I love creating business online. I love supporting others with coaching. I love being me. I am a daughter.  I am a wife.  I am a mother. I am a friend. I am a blogger. I am a creator. I am a successful business owner. I am a life transformation coach. I am a business coach. I am a digital marketer. I am a creator of all things in my life.

I create new innovative ideas with others. I transform brands to becoming global. I increase revenue over 50% I can generate traffic to create leads for products and services. I have a world that I have created for myself to have it all to work. I am a mother of three and Wife.  Online Business founder and Co-owner of The VGC Group. Business, Beauty and Life Transformation Coach. Creating Beauty Transformation from within with Coaching. I am the Co author of the book ” Cyber Church Today ” Online Marketing Tools for the 21st Century. I have M.S. Internet Technology. I hold certificates in internet marketing, web development and computer programmer. I am a certified ELI ” Energy Leadership Index”  practitioner Coach. I am a certified Life and Business coach.  I am a NLP ( Nero Linguistic Practitioner) certified.

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