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Connecting With Naomi

Hello All,

It is a great pleasure to have you on my site. It is more of a greater pleasure if you reading this RIGHT NOW.

Coaching a new discovery of my HIDDEN PASSION. A passion that I have always had  but did not know that I was coaching. At the time I was consulting in my business VIRTUAL GLOBAL CONSULTANT ” VGC” I will work with clients really getting into there world about Internet Marketing and Web Development. (Yes, that is what some consultant do to understand the overall vision) but I found myself getting more involve then consultant. I started to have other to go deeper and finding more about their self in business but getting to the cause of what is stopping the growth of their own business.

I can tell you so many ideas came open, so much information about the past started to appear then the whole BS (Belief System) started to kick in. What was really holding them back? What was this thing that we label procrastination is saying?  Clients started to see, hear and feel how their actions was getting them what they thought they wanted but started to be more aware and change the movement of their own structure they put in place.  It was up to the client to get on the court and I was determine to get them on the court. At this time, I was using different techniques such as goal planning,(using SMART) since I have seen successful with myself. I started to use the NLP ” Neure Linguistic Pattern, which I was already certified and a Master Practitioner. Yes, of course Intuitive Prophetic Coaching because I have years of training in the prophetic, using my  intuitive gift raise in a family to utilize.

One thing was bizarre, I was not getting paid because the original agreement was internet marketing and web development. “I was not doing work because we were doing discovery of what they wanted their online business.” So I decided to add clause in agreement such as the consultation hours with limits when we will start.  Where I found myself putting my self in a box. That was horrible and a horrible feeling. Then I found myself supporting other coaches with there business still no light in my head came on.

My dad started to do coaching and he had three coaches at the time to help with the growth of his ministry and personal development but still no light did not come on. Until I was given an extraordinary opportunity to build an online coaching software which was phenomenon. I started to see the growth in myself. I also proclaim out to the universe that this will be a transformational year.  I am having such amazing time right now in my present life.

We can schedule a time, where we can have 15 – 30 min complimentary Coaching to find out more about my Complimentary coaching you can click here

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