The Be-Do-Have Mindset

Be-Do-Have-MindsetWe can create a better life with the Be-Do-Have Mindset.

We ask our self, how can we get things done in our overall life?  How do we get what we want in life? During my life transformational journey. I’ve been learning how to access my passion in life of what I want. What I really want to have in life? Most people always start by having which in most cases it does not last long. In transformational teaching, I have learned you have to be something, in order to do something which allow you to have something. As mentioned, nature dictates action and action will produce the breakthroughs you intend to have in your life. Often times we get mixed up. Today, I want to share what is the Be-Do-Have Mindset, how it can alter how we can show up in life and having what we want in life.

What is the Be-Do-Have Mindset?

The Be-Do-Have mindset need to start with the awareness of what you are looking to have. Be-Do-Have mindset begins with who are you being (be) to get what you want ? What are you doing (do) to get what you want? Do is the actions that comes from the being. Have – Is what are you having from the do which is the actions. Have comes from the end result. So I like to break it further down from the Be-Do- Have Mindset, If I choose to have to love in my life. I make the choice to being love, be love, loving to my self, loving to others . I do loving actions such as kind words lifted in high loving thoughts. When I see people I do loving things such as showing affectionate, opening myself to be love then having love just start to show up.  I know it may sound a little ridiculous, but it actually work.

Steps to the Be-Do-Have Mindset

1. Choose what you want to have in the world of possibility?  – Try not to be to literal such as I want to have a car and to think bigger about the car. Work from the inside out such as I want to support others in their spiritual, emotional and financial growth in life.

2. Ask yourself, Who are you being to obtain what you want?

3. What do you have to do? What actions do you need to take? 

The Purpose of the Be-Do-Have-Mindset

We do something, so that we can have the breakthrough we intend for our lives, so that we can be who we think we should be. This like we are that we need to swim (do), so we can have the perks of being a fish (have), so that finally, we can be a fish (be). It doesn’t make sense, does it?

We start to implement the Do – Have- Be principle before we get started with the Be-Do-Have principle. We implement more than often. If it is not in your being, your action will lack integrity. When your action lack integrity, it will reflect in the fruits that your actions produce.

How Be-Do-Have Mindset Start?

Let use Being a Giver for an example, If by nature, you are not a giver,  you can not authentically be generous, and you cannot have the reward of generosity.

You first need to (be) a giver, so that you can give (do) and so you can have the fruits of your giving. What is the fruit of giving? The giving of love, inspiration, joy, purpose etc.. You will receive what you want in full measure.

In other occasions, people have a  ” Have -Do -Be” way of life, which is more common. They believe that if they have this, they can be able to do this and that can become that. An easy example will be how people think if they are rich, they can be able to give to the poor, and they become philanthropist.

You need to start by being generous. In your generosity, you able to give wholeheartedly. When you give wholeheartedly, you will be able give wholeheartedly, you will be able to have rewards of your authentic generosity. For something to be authentic, it needs to be natural. It needs to be true to one’s nature.

” Untransformed life, life in the Mind State is lived backward: life in the Mind State is a n attempt to go from  having, to doing, to being and to define one’s identity in terms of what one has or does. As a result, one becomes imprisoned in havingness, which shapes doingness and prevents one from achieving any longer the creativity of being. One becomes limited by what one posessess, including, especially, patters of behavior, point of view and systems of self identification and preservation.”   – In the Words of Werner Erhard

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