Tell Yourself A Story

Tell Yourself a Story
Tell Yourself a Story

It’s time to tell yourself a story. Telling yourself the story starts to put the power in your life.

We can live in such bondage in the past of keep re creating the same story over and over. We can keep telling ourself all types of story from past experiences that does not serve us and keep us down. When you tell yourself a story of hurt with everyone you meet you start to become more and more hurt in life creating more hurt in your life. Do not be the character in the story as a victim. This is why you have to understand that you have to tell yourself a story that will uplift you. A story that will attract the things you are looking in life. I like to tell myself a story of inspiration and love. I am inspiration, I am love….

Tell yourself a story is a way of being

When someone asks you, “Who are you”, what will you say? You will probably say your name, where you came from, what you do for a living, and the like. It is normal to do so as most of us normally identify with our personal stories in the way we understand who we are. We describe ourselves in terms of our experiences. It is normal to do so as most of us normally identify with our personal stories in the way we understand who we are.

We do not even notice we do this. We unconsciously identify with them. They constitute who we think we are —our opinions, feelings, thoughts, judgments, or justifications. McCarl et al. noted that the building of stories and the forming of identity go hand in hand. They usually go on without our awareness, until eventually they shape how we address and go about our daily lives.

Beyond the “you” that exists as a character in your story, there is you. You are the author and the creator. You are the storyteller. You are the one who can revise the story endlessly. We are not always aware that we have this role, or that we are capable of being storytellers, authors of our lives.

Tell what is your story
Tell what is your story

As a spiritual being, this is true because you are a co-creator with the universe. You are not limited to your physical self and this physical realm. Your nature is spiritual and this allows you to be the storyteller.

Instead of being a character in your story, you must be the storyteller. The storyteller always starts with nothing. The storyteller starts with a blank page, with a “Once upon a time.” Before the story begins, there is nothing. Start to tell yourself a story that start with deep creation that you allow yourself to be at that moment.

Being the storyteller, you can now glimpse beyond the dramatic narratives with which you, without awareness, formerly identified. Your story is not you. You are the source of the story, and the story you choose to create is merely your creation. Your story, especially your past stories, does not characterize your being.

When you Tell yourself a story, The story must have feelings attach.

Your feelings are part of your being. We can get stuck in the old story that gives us pain, that make us sad and even drives our actions to something that is draining. You have the power to change the story with the feelings.

You need to understand your role as the storyteller, so that you can become the storyteller and the obstacle to self-understanding is removed. There is a shift from playing a character in a story you cannot control into becoming the storyteller who creates one’s story based on one’s true nature. The story that gives your power and strength have to have feeling attach to your story.

The story, as a creation, can be recreated. McCarl et al. (2001) noted, “As one continues to distinguish story, the question inevitably arises, why live shackled by self-defeating, interpretations when one could generate more thoughtful and empowering—even exciting—ones (p. 53)?” You are not the story that you have right now. You can create a new story that gives you life, joy and abundance.

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