Stop Complaing and Be Action Oriented In Life

Be Action OrientedCan we really be action oriented? Can we really stop complaining, about what goes on our life? Can we prevent bad things from happening? Can we start to live a fulfill life with action of goodness?

I have always heard that you need to be action oriented in school to get your goals,  be action oriented at work to get the promotion and make more money.  What about just be action oriented in life.

Have you ever wonder if you are really stepping into being of ” Be ACTION Oriented”. I like to look at the word and see word act.  The word act is putting on a show or getting into character. We all have our own words that we like to use with the word action.  I have explain in previous blog posting that the word Be in the transformation language is using the word of who are you? Be is to exist.

The words of be action oriented is to exist in action, to exist in the action of your life and to live into the action in your life.  We tend to go into the day and day rut of our life just doing the same thing over and over again.  I call that stickiness of life not able to move and to take actions in your life.

So today, I want to talk about how a coach can support you into be action oriented in your life and not just saying the word that you are being action oriented. Only claiming to be action oriented in your life only when you see a result that you want to get too. I am not saying is something wrong with the result just to be action oriented. Imagine for a moment what would happen when you are always in action in life. The action in your life with yourself, with your partnership, with your family, with your community and with the world that you are in. You can take each one of the step and start to step into the world of action.

How a coach knows about to be action oriented by seeing that there is a solution in every potential problem in life. a coach shows you how to action oriented by having you start to get into action with what is going on in your life. As a coach you are given assessment tools to use in your life to create the actions steps that you need in life.

Here are two tips to Be Action Oriented

Stop complaining

Stop Complaining and Be action Oriented

Something that you may notice and not notice. We can complain and complain that we are never satisfy or something more simple as when someone cuts you in line, what do you do? You will probably feel enraged, and rant about it to the next person you know.


When you’re late for work, what do you say? Maybe something like, “I wouldn’t be late if it weren’t for the heavy traffic that was caused by that new construction down 5th
avenue. I knew I should have taken the train in to work.What a hassle! And on top of that, my phone alarm didn’t sound off because my phone went dead in the middle of
the night!

On top of it I had my daughter of mine had soccer all day on yesterday evening, which took up the rest of my night. I wouldn’t have been late if she did not had to be at soccer all day. It would not have taken all of my energy.  We can always finds something or someone to blame. And because there is always something or someone to blame, we tend to keep going into the same cycle of defeat. We tells us that it’s okay to rant. But it isn’t.

Ranting merely spreads negativity instead of productivity. Rants are merely “rackets” they are merely complaints .When you find yourself complaining instead of taking responsibility, most likely, it’s yourself not wanting to do something different ” you can acknowledge it as the “Little Voice” or something that you know its not you. I call my act, voice “Little Nay Nay”.  It can seem silly at time but it can help I acknowledge little Nay Nay and I tell her thanks for letting me know. You can write it down, voice record it and start to writing down what needs to happen next to resolve what going on.  Some may say Face the problem, face the situation just face what is the reality of whats going on.

Identify What Wrong and Provide a Resolutions

What you need is to stop complaining, and instead do something that is action oriented get in to Being action oriented (Be action Oriented). If there’s a challenge, we have to identify it, and provide a resolution. When we are in the wrong, we have to admit it, refuse to point fingers, and be sure to do something about it. The key is to choose to resolve things rather than complain about things. The key is to provide a course of action for every problem. Just be action oriented with every situation.Ranting will not solve anything.

Coaching will get you in the path of action oriented in life from the development, planning, initiating and just be action oriented person in life.

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