Life Journey

Continue to Choose each moment of life in this journey

Life is a journeyOur life is given to us as a journey that we need to  explore. We travel along in our journey, repeating the same  actions that we have created on different paths. Some of us get tired repeating the same old action on these paths; that we take every day. Some of these paths demand more work and effort for us to take because we are so used to it that we think that we just continuously accept it and do nothing about it and just continue to walk on.

When our situation does not change, it is because everything is automatic for us. We go back to our old ways and there are patterns in our lives that held us continuously in prison with the current situation. We always want change, but when we keep on doing the same thing over and over then nothing will happen.

No one has a perfect life, we all encounter failures and breakdowns in life. But each breakdown give us a choice to choose at that moment. Breakdowns is suppose to happen in every aspect of our journey. Breakdown can make a new choice or just continue to holding on to it that will lead you to bitterness and anger in life.

Our paths and life situation is a continuous decision and we can always choose what we want to have. Transformation is a choice, change is a choice, you need to take risk and have courage to step out of your comfort zone and change your mind on the patterns in your life that you are so used to apply in your life. You have to choose to do the right thing, and make up your mind. You can always choose and give on things that don’t work, and then you will notice that you free yourselves from old patterns and paths that lead to transformation. You can always have new possibilities and have a new life.

Life is about taking risk, it is about letting go of the things that do not work out in your life. Do not be afraid to let go, because in letting go there is always a new beginning. If God takes away old things that do not have a good part in your life, just continue to trust him and let go of it. You will see that in courage of letting go, there is always a new beginning that is way better than what we think that is best for ourselves.

What is it you are looking to transform in 2016?

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