Letting Go of the Weight: Saying Goodbye to Stress

Feeling so tired and always frustrated lately? Been carrying a weight which causes you to lose the sense of living life? Then it’s time to let go of that weight and start living a healthy life! It’s time you say goodbye to stress.

Stress is inevitable; it is everywhere around us. It could come both from the pressures we get from work and the people around us. Stress could also come from the anger, hurt, and frustrations we feel. Inevitable or not, it is up to us if we are going to welcome and embrace every stress that hits us. It is up to each of us if we allow stress to steal the happiness we should feel in each day if we are not stressed or we say goodbye to it.

Saying goodbye to stress oftentimes brings a hard time especially if you are already buried into its pit, and your will to fight has already died. If you are one of those who find it hard to say goodbye to stress without the help of another person, then you better hire a coach and undergo a coaching session. Moreover, the following tips could help you let go of the weight and say goodbye to stress that is stealing the joy you should feel in each day.

Set up your expectations on the things you do and not on the people surrounding you. One step to say goodbye to stress is to set your expectations on the thing that you can control, such as on the things that you do. Setting your expectations on the people surrounding you can cause you great stress once your expectations on them have failed.

Cry it out. Male or female, all of us have the right to cry. Crying is a therapeutic way of saying goodbye to stress for it releases the chemicals that causes your frustration, anger, and everything that cause you that weight.

Make a list of your accomplishments. Making a list of your accomplishments enables you to see the good stuffs that you have done which in turn will give you satisfaction of yourself. This is one great way of saying goodbye to stress and move forward in life.

Learn how to express yourself to fully say goodbye to stress. Whether you are hurt or angry, let it out. If a person is the one who cause your stress, vent out first then confront that person calmly. If what causes your stress are events and other things that are way beyond your control, find something you can do to express yourself and let go of the weight you are carrying and say goodbye to that stress.

Don’t let others dictate who you become. One of the most common causes of frustration is when we let others dictate who we become. We tend to push ourselves to become someone who we are not because we want to please them, which is a great pressure. When you learn to set aside other’s opinions on you, then surely saying goodbye to stress will be easier for you.

• Take time to relax and laugh. Say goodbye to stress by taking the time to relax and laugh even just on little things that make you happy. It doesn’t just ease what you are feeling but also strengthens your immune system.

Learning to say goodbye to stress may be quite hard, but once you learn to do it, then surely everyday of your life will be full of joy and happiness.

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