Let Go of Old Beliefs and Limited Beliefs

Letting Go of Limited Beliefs

Limited Beliefs
Don’t Let Limited Beliefs stop you from living

We all have the limited beliefs that limits us to what we can do. Limited beliefs is something that you create to give you comfort and support in that moment of time. Limited beliefs comes from the past experience and living in the past. Some people let their past dictate their present when they hold on to outdated beliefs. They allow these outdated beliefs to control their actions, which obstructs their self-expression as well as their freedom.

When we were younger, we had a certain idea of how the world was, and what life was about. Based on the few experiences that we had combined with the influences of other people, we formed our own set of beliefs. We allowed these beliefs to run our lives and tell us what should or should not be done.

Having beliefs is something that is very important for every human being. It serves as a moral compass, and it also says a lot about who we are as individuals. It is very important that we form beliefs for ourselves. However, we must question our beliefs every now and then in order to ensure that the things we stood by are still in accordance with who we are at the present.

Sometimes, we hold on to the beliefs we have formed at very young ages. They continue to believe what they have been told by others back when they were too inexperienced to think for themselves regarding certain matters. Even after gaining new experiences, they still hold on to the beliefs they formed when they barely knew what life was about, and what the world is really like. This is how limited beliefs are created it stop us from living the life we so desire.

Some people do not like to question their past beliefs, old beliefs or limited beliefs because their pride closes their minds from new insights and perspectives. They do not want to admit that they were wrong. Others do not update their beliefs because they are worried that in doing so, they will find themselves in an identity crisis wherein they no longer know who they are because their principles have changed.

Questioning one’s own beliefs, however, is essential for growth. It is only through letting go of the old and limited belief that we can make way for the new. It may be humbling for some, and scary for others, but letting go of limited beliefs will enable us to become Beings living in the present, and not the past.

Ask yourself if everything you believe in still holds true for you today. Ensure that you are not living in the past by holding on to beliefs that no longer apply to you.

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