Coaching Through Resistance

shutterstock_107413703Coaching through resistance starts with acceptance of the situation.

What we resist continue to exist

Do you constantly keep finding yourself in the same patterns of life, Keep doing things over and and over again in relationship. Then this is a perfect time for some coaching. One of the things is that we will sometimes have to get a coach to coach us through the resistance. The first thing is that you have to accept what you are resisting to exist in your life.


How do you define acceptance in your life? Is it easy for you to accept both good and bad situations? Or are you willing to accept the good, but resist the bad situations? When there is no acceptance in your life, you will feel like everyone is against you when something bad happens. You will feel that life is always unfair to you.

Acceptance makes things easier for your life every day

It is easy to accept people and situations when they are in favor of us. But how do you handle difficult moments? Do you have the courage to accept opportunities that were not given to you? Do you accept why you do not have certain things that other people have? You are living your life miserably when you do not know how to accept things and situations.

When there is no acceptance, you will feel that your life is full of baggage. Seeing the bad experiences without acceptance will make you hate life. It is harder for you to move on from bad experiences. Observe people who are full of hatred, pain, and grudges in their life. They are living their life miserably because they do not know how to accept the bad things.

Life consists of good and bad things. We can either accept or resist the ones that are not in our favor. Instead of resisting bad things, why not think about how it changed you? Things happen for certain reasons. Bad situations happen because of our bad decisions.

Part of our maturity means accepting things that we cannot change. We just have to learn how to accept and live with it. Complaining will not change anything. Acceptance will help you change your perspective of why it happened.

Listen to your experiences for a wiser “you” in the future.

Acceptance will change the way you think. It will enable you to see the situation in a different perspective. Acceptance teaches you the lessons to grow and to be wise. There is room for growth when you accept things.

Sometimes you do not need to fight back. You just have to accept the reasons why it is happening. When you focus on being optimistic, it is easier for you to accept and let go of bad experiences. Listen to what every experience has to say. When you listen, there is transformation in your mind.


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