Just Be Free and Be Happy

You can at any moment can change the state of the mind by Just Be free and Be happy. The choice is all about being at any moment knowing that you have the power to start to make the choice to just be free and be happy.

Toni Morison said ” Freeing Yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another”

In our world today people are obsessed with the gadgets that they have ridiculously priced and branded merchandise things new. Some people gauge their level of respect for others by how much they earn while others judge by what brand of car you are currently driving. Why do you think so many people go in debt? People spend money on things they can’t afford just to prove that they can fit in a certain class. You might purchase an expensive handbag that cost you more than two months of your salary in order to get the attention and approval of society.

The truth is that you need not be associated with your material possessions. They might allow you to live a more comfortable life but they do not define the person that you are. This is how you can be Just be Free and Be happy.

Ron Smothermon talked about our original existence. He said that before people were corrupted by their attachment to the world, they found freedom and happiness in simply being. He said, “By magic you were fed, by magic you could see and hear, by magic you slept, by magic you awoke, by magic you were loved and by magic you loved others.”

Right now, you can dispelled the magic from your minds by being Just Be free and Be happy  In the world that you live in, nothing is ever enough. Do not join the heard of people who praise material things. Value your being more than your pockets. As a part of the physical world you need things like food, water, clothing and shelter to live but you must not preoccupy your mind with the need to live in excess. Just Be free and Be happy, if the need to buy useless products. When you make money don’t immediately think of what you can spend it on. Rather, think of what it can contribute to your life.

Just be free and be happy

In order to Just be free you must rid yourself of all your shackles. Detach yourself from things that do not represent your being. It is time to stop chasing happiness and simply Just be free and be happy The reason why, for so many people, happiness becomes such an elusive thing is because people attach the concept of happiness with an achievement of a certain standard when in happiness is a choice that you can make today. Instead of wanting to be happy, what is keeping you from just being happy? Let’s say for example that you are sad because of a recent promotion you were hoping to get but didn’t. In this situation your expectations have not been met. But what if you had no expectations and you simply lead your life with a goal in them? You would probably be happier. Free yourself from your expectations. The only thing that you need from the world is learning and growth. For as long as you continue your journey in search of that, you can be happy and proud of the daily transformation that you undergo.

As Ron Smothermon has said, “It is this attachment to Mind as Self which keeps one stuck chasing happiness rather than having it.” Be one with the universe You share a bond with the universe. People you have never come across or never known have probably affected your life some how. In the same way, you also have an effect on people who might never have known you.

Realize Just Be Free and Be Happy

Whether you realize it or not you are connected in a special way with every living thing that surrounds you. Ron Smothermon told us that “In the beginning was Self, and Self was one with the universe, and Self was the universe, being everything simultaneously.” Transformation requires you to convene with other aspects of your realm. Acknowledging yourself as part of the universe brings everything else into perspective. When you realize that you are part of a greater whole, you begin to contemplate your purpose in the system. You can start to be happy and just be free. You are free to live out your being. Your unique perception is your gift to the world.

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