Awaken the Leader in You

awaken the leader in you
awaken the leader in you

Many believed that being a leader is not born but is developed as life goes on, while others believed that we are all born to be leaders, and it is just up to us which way we’ll go when the time comes for us to take a step on either we retreat or retrieve to the challenge of becoming one. Either of the two, it’s time to awaken the leader in you! It’s time to step into the role of being a leader that you really are, and show the world what you are capable of.

A leader has the ability to influence others around them. A great leader has a way with having others follow their actions and steps. We often look at different individuals that come into our life as leaders. We decide if they are a leader by the action that they take.

If you have asked how I can awaken the leader in you, then your awareness has just started to open up. Your natural instinct of being a leader is now finally getting curious of how it can be enhanced, and help you become a better person.


Steps to Awaken the Leader in You

Following are helpful steps on how to awaken the leader in you, preparing you to inspire, motivate, and influence followers who can also become a leader in the future like you.

  1. Self-assessment. Assessing yourself is the very first important step you should take to awaken the leader in you. The answers to how you handle problems and challenges, the people around you, and the changes that happens in your day to day gives an analysis of what phase you are in your leadership. For most leaders, it is best done through the use of SWOT Analysis, in which they assess themselves with their Strengths and Weaknesses, identifying Opportunities in which they can use their abilities, and the Threats that hinders them to become efficient in their leadership.


  1. GMVO (Goals, Mission, Vision, Objectives). To awaken the leader in you, it is important that you establish goals and mission of where you want yourself to be on the next months or year. You should be able to see yourself achieving these goals in the timeframe you have set for yourself.


  1.   Stay humble. Many leaders that people some people looked up to have failed in their leaderships because they fail to remain humble throughout their years. They become boastful and arrogant as they see themselves improving. Once you have awaken the leader in you, you often feel superior or better than the others. You may be of higher rank or position compared to your followers, but it never gave you the right to look at them lesser than you. Remember, no one wants to follow an arrogant leader. Also, there may come a time that one of them may have a higher rank than you, and admit it or not, you don’t want to be treated unwell if that’s the case.


  1. Stay true to yourself. You may have someone you looked up to with their leadership skills, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be like them in everything. Nothing beats an original, right? In order to fully awaken the leader in you, you must have your own way of leading. You can apply the things you have learned from the leaders you looked up to, but never ever pushed yourself to be like them in everything. Also, learn how to identify their flaws so you won’t be keeping it as you lead.


  1. Get a mentor. To fully awaken the leader in you, it is never enough that you observed and learn from the people you looked up to. It is also important that you get a mentor – someone who is more knowledgeable than you and gives you advices and guidance as you develop into an efficient leader. With a mentor, you can freely ask questions and they too can tell you what traits you should keep and eliminate in yourself.


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