Are You Coachable?


Are you a coachable person? Are you open to other person’s ideas and willing to admit at times that you don’t know everything and still need to learn? If yes, then you do have the qualities every successful man should have.

One key that a person attains success in life is being coachable – being able to listen to advices and corrections, learn from mistakes and improve one’s self. You know you are coachable when you learn to seek the help of others instead of doing everything alone. It is when you know how to delegate tasks not because you can’t finish them all, but because you trust the people whom you delegate it with. Being coachable is when you are able to listen and consider ideas not just of the persons who have higher ranks than you but also to those who are under you. If you are ready to be coached, then you are definitely ready to take one step higher to the ladder of success.

Being coachable is very different from having the need to have a coach. Being coachable means you do acknowledge that you still need corrections in what you are doing, while having the need to have a coach means that you need help to clearly pave the way for you. Following are some questions that will help you identify if you are just coachable or you really need to hire a coach for yourself.

  • Have you set a goal you cannot meet?
  • Do you have strategies to meet your goal?
  • What outcome have you attained with those strategies?

If you are one of those who cannot answer the questions above, then clearly, you need to have a coach. A coach greatly helps you in empowering yourself to have the tools to be successful. Moreover, a coach can help you.

  • Accomplish specific goals in life. Either coachable or having the need to hire a coach, when you have one, accomplishing a specific goal in your life will be easier.
  • See blind spots around you. Hiring a coach enables you to see the things around you which you cannot see before; things which have been blocked of what are already in front of you. Coachable persons have already experienced this and passed this stage in their business journey.
  • Create success action steps. Each rung of the ladder of success symbolizes a certain stage in the path to success. Coaches help you create a step by step action to slowly reach the top of success.
  • Bridge the gap between intentions and goals. Sometimes, yourself is your worst enemy. You stop the things you want in life because of your inner me. Even those coachable persons experience this in life, making them feel frustrated and disappointed. Normally, what a coachable person do to pass this challenge is see the brighter things in life and take every step as a challenge that will lead them to success. With coaches beside you, the gaps that exist between intentions and goals you have established are being bridged, connecting them in order to align them to the goal you want to achieve.
  • Learn the full benefits of power and intentions. Your intention is the deep part of who you are. You have goals, actions and behaviors inside of you. You can dictate the goals you set, as well as the behavior and attitude to achieve what you intended to do. Start setting Intentions and receive the outcome you want in life. It is really important to have a goal. However, much more important than setting it is making sure that it is the right goal. Free your mind from negativities and embrace a positive and better outcome.

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