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True Existene

The look On True Existence

We all have our own views on the true existence of our own world. We choose to acknowledge whats going on by calling it this is what God has brought in my life, I answer only to the Higher Power, The Universe Gives me what I need. God, Higher Power, the Universe etc is all the same and it is part of our true existence.

Part of our true existence is how we see other people is important. Sometimes we give too much focus on ourselves and we forget to look at others in a valuable way. Sometimes, we see them as an object that is why we treat others in a different way. When we see others as the Universe creation and something that is valuable, we are not going to treat them differently.


Learn to look at others with love and value the way universe looks at you.

Do not give too much attention to yourself that you become selfish and you forget to treat others with respect and value. Remember that universe gives loves them too. Universe has always had in mind of the creation for them. They are the same as you. You have to see yourself equally just as it was created.

“Time is the most precious element of human existence. The successful person knows how to put energy into time and how to draw success from time.”

― Denis Waitley

Your measurement should never be your standard, your emotions, or your prejudices toward others. Your standard should be universe standards that you set our for. If the people around you are difficult to love, pray about them. The universe grace is limitless. Ask the Higher Power to always there to help and be with you.

The universe has placed you around the people that you don’t like to hang out with because the universe wants you to learn something. Every day the universe is teaching you something. Open your heart to others and treat them how you want to be treated. As valuable you are to the higher Power, they are too.

Remember Your Conscience

“Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.”

― B. R. Ambedkar

True Existence of conscience

Your True Existence Exist
True Existence

Our true existence conscience is the still small voice that convicts us whenever we did something wrong. It convicts us. We hear the small voice that whispers to us whenever we plan on doing something that is not good. We call it conscience but some may acknowledge as the Holy Spirit, Inner Christ, Inner Me or the Universe etc that guides us with every decision that we are going to make.

Listen to your conscience, it is going to help you if you are going to make the right decision or not.

Sometimes when we do wrong, we disregard and choose not to listen to the small voice that is whispering to us. We can choose to disregard the voice of the consciousness anytime we want. The sad part of this is that, when we do not listen to it, time will come that we will not hear from it anymore.

We have our convictions and beliefs. In true existence, When we do not listen our inner self, we are not just turning our back on yourself but we are turning our back to the right things that we should do. That is why there are people who do not know if they are still doing the wrong things because the consciousness has departed from them. They are used to get to do the wrong things and they have a callous heart. Do not let this happen to you. Take time to listen to the guidance of the still small voice in your head.

True Existence Intention and action

True existence intention is a mental state where we think of different things that we want to do. As humans, we can have either good or bad intentions over someone or the situation that we are in today. Our intention matters because it is definitely going to show into our actions. Our intentional content is about analyzing situations, conditions of satisfaction, and the distinction how we represent things.

Our intentions and actions are two different things. Our intentions can only be seen by the higher Power (Universe). When we have the intent to do bad things, only God can see what is really in your heart.

Only the Universe can see your intention and people will see it when you act on it.

When you act, that is the time that the people will see it. Always focus on having a good intention and acting on good and right things. A bad action cannot be justified by a good intention.

A bad action is bad even if you have a good intention. Even if you have a good intention, your bad action is going to hurt others or yourself in the end. If you do not want to have a problem in the end, focus on doing things right. You will never be satisfied in the result of your intentions if you do it the wrong way.

Thank you all for reading my thoughts on the True Existence

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