Submitting My Life and Family To God

I am submitting my life and family to you. Oh God. I live in each moment thinking of the goodness of your work. I ask you God, to listen to my prayers as my prayers cry out to you. 

Father God, You are the supreme in my life. You are a God of order. You are the authority in my life and my family. You have instituted other authority structures that will support healthy and prosper relationship in my life and family. It is my choice to surrender all in my life to your will.  I find protection in your presence in the secret place of the most high.

Father God, I thank you for my Husband, for my ArchBishop, for my Pastors and Leaders in my life those who are submitted to You.

Lord, You know who I am. You know how I have been. Father, you get your own way in my life because you are the supreme in my life. When I feel that my life is spinning out of control I ask you God to blind my mind with Christ.

I thank you, God for the life that you have given to me. I thank you God for my family. I ask you Lord for

  • Whatever is lost to recover
  • Whatever is close to open
  • Whatever look down to look up

I am so thankful for the love, the increase, the joy, the wisdom, the happiness and  the healing in my family and my life.

  • Father God, I ask you to cover our sons, brothers, uncles, fathers in my family with your blood.
  • Father God, I ask you cover our daughter, sisters, aunts, mothers and cousins in my family with your blood.
  • Father God, I ask you cover each and everyone connected in my life. 

Touch the mind that I only think of the goodness of your great works. My God, my love I submit my life to you.

Inspired on the Prophetic Midnight Prayer Call 12:00 AM – 12:30 AM EST. Join for Prayer Everyday 712-432-1212 passcode 602745#

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