Leaving Burn Out Alone

Being burn out can take days, months and even years to recover from burn out. Its time to say bye bye burn out and hello cool, liveliness me. I had to step out of myself  and see how busy how much motion I was in. This was causing me to be so tired in life. I realize, I was burn out. I’ve been super busy as a mom, coach, educator, a new fiance, consultant, daughter, lover etc.. Its been great but it comes a time when I have to step back and say I have to leave it alone.

I have to leave burn out by keeping it moving. Here are some of the things that I have adapted back in my life.

  1. Work out
  2. Eat Right
  3. To do list
  4. Set Goals
  5. Personal Time
Work out for Burn out

Work out for Burn out

Work out : When you are burn out, it seems as though you are very much tired and I discover that working out help out a lot. I’ve been seeing when I start to work out. I am able to think clearer and get things done. When working out, you want to make sure you are sweating, this is a good way to get rid of the toxins in the body. Another way to build up sweat is doing yoga in 85 degrees it helps open up the pores. I have found that working out take the weight off the shoulders of feeling lighter each day you keep consistent with the practice of working out.


Eat right for burn out

Eat right for burn out

Eat Right: Burn out gives you no energy, you feel very sluggish. you have no energy to keep you going your resistance to life is low, which is big indicator that you are burn out. Most of the time you are probably eating on the go not giving yourself enough time to digest the food and you are eating the quick foods such as fast foods. Your health is very important so working out and eating right make a big difference. When you eat live food you feel alive. Eat greens and vegetables to have your energy to sustain you through out the day. Doing a 7-10 days detox can help and give a big difference with cleansing your body to receive proper nutrition for your body.

Create a to do list for burn out

Create a to do list for burn out

To Do List: Creating a to do list is a good way of keeping on track on what to do through out the day. The purpose of the to do list is to see, what you have accomplish through out the day. The list should also have productive task and quick and short items to get done in that day. To start a to do list start with 1-3 items or 1-5 items that is reasonable and easy to accomplish. If something else comes up on the to do list just add it it on the next day or month to do list. Remember its your to do list so you can create this list that works for you successfully. If you complete everything then make sure you celebrate.





Set Goals for Burn out

Set Goals for Burn out

Set the Goals: Goals work well when you have series of action steps that you are taking towards the goal. Its good to put goals to your action plan. When you have goals, you are able to strive for excellence in so many ways if you are taking steps towards the goals.  The goal should be the ended, the finish item that is completed and you can not go back but only to build on top of the goal of creating a new goal. It is good to have a time period, when the goal should be completed. If you are new with setting goals then start goals that are attainable such as week or a month goal. It is good to have; your to do list to match to the ended goal.






Take Personal time to leave burn out alone

Personal Time: Personal time gives you away to step back and take care of yourself do something different and unique just for you. When you are doing so much for everyone else you can just miss out on yourself.  What you like to do because you are giving out so much to family, love ones, work and to the world. Take time out just for yourself.



It took me awhile to finish this blog posting “Leaving Burn Out Alone”, I am not sure why but it just did. I guest I have to start to follow my own rules .

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