5 Ways to Know You are Out of Integrity

In the last year, continuing my transformational journey. I am learning what it really is about being a leader.  One of things that I’ve been working on as a leader is working on my integrity. Integrity is workability. What is working in my life. If its is not working in your life then its out of integrity.

I am getting coached on my integrity.  What I have discovered about integrity is knowing when I am out of integrity. When I am out of integrity, I am week.

1. Physical tiredness– which we can call burn out. Waking up tired and going to bed tired. Burn out is something that can take months to recover.

2. Not Speaking Out and taking responsibility

3. Working alone

4. Mental Fatigue

5. Holding on the Past

Transformational leadership exists within the context of integrity. There can be no true transformation without integrity.
A leader must be trusted for him or her to effectively lead others into the future. A leader who has no integrity is stuck living into a default future; worse, leading others into the same old future. When you do not trust someone, you will certainly not be able to commit into the direction this leader is guiding you into.

While integrity is not the cause of performance, it is a source for workability.

Thus, if there is no integrity, there is no workability. When it comes to integrity, it’s an all-or-nothing deal. You can never really have 90% integrity. You can either
have a 100% integrity level or 0% integrity level.

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