Can Your Circumstances Define You

CircumstancesSome will say your circumstances define you. Your circumstances tell people who you are in that situation. We constantly go through different circumstances in our life. It’s up to us to define who we are in that moment. It’s not your circumstance that define you. It’s not what people will say who we are in the circumstance. But it is you, who have the final say.


     Do Not Let Your Circumstances Define You

I was speaking to a young man on yesterday and he was sharing how I gave him some words of wisdom by telling him to play with the static around him. Now you may say what is Static? Static is your circumstances that you are in and you have to deal with something you usually don’t want to deal with something you have ask God why am I going through this am I being punish for something I did not do. The answer is we don’t know why you are going through this but in it is a lesson you can learn from.

The young man begin to tell me, at that moment he was in out of life not living just came out of prison and seems as though everything around him was resurfacing causing him to take steps back instead of going forward. When I ask him how was the resurfacing making him feel he started to give himself labels that others called him such as a thug, crooked, no good, thief etc. I then told him your circumstances at that moment does not define who you are. He then told me his grandmother told him before he went in prison that he was a good man and it did not matter what the courts was saying and what others was saying about him.

It’s what you say about you. Your circumstances can never tell you who you are because in your circumstances it’s not you living the way you really want to live. It’s a circumstance that is just happening in life at that moment.

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