Motives Online Party Fall Forward Looks

Motives Online Party Fall Forward Looks is going to be blast on Sept 29, 2014, you do not want to miss what is all of the greatest fall and winter look. I am presenting the Fall 2014 Eye Looks that is a must. Motives Cosmetics is a booming brand for beauty, you want to be a part.  Motives Cosmetics has very high pigment colors that looks good on every skin complexions. You will receive great discount and percentage off by attending the Motives Online Party for Fall Looks.  We will have free give away, gifts and tips to start your new beauty transformation.

If anyone knows me, know that I am not one for putting on makeup but I have been successful with the Motives Tutorials on Meetup. Motives Online Party will also present great tutorial to apply the cosmetics. Motives Online Party Fall 2014 Look will tell you what type of cosmetics you will need to achieve the look if its pertains to the type of brush, the eye shadow colors and pallets. The foundation and blush to have the best look of the fall.

The Motives Online Party is on Facebook and you will have to be invited to attend.

Click here to join the Motives Fall 2014 Eye Looks

Motives Online Party
Motives Online Party


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