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Family is the fundamental unit of the society. Just as our bodies are made up of tiny cells in which together form a tissue in order to form an organ, each member has an individual role to play; roles, which are equally important in order to maintain a happy household and a healthy life.

Your family is as important as your life. Without them, life is meaningless; empty; blurred. When you have a happy household, it will radiate in your personal self, making you reflect a happy and healthy aura. Without them, you cannot claim to be completely whole, even if how much you try to smile and show the world how happy you are without them. Determining the roles of each of your member is one good way to cultivate a healthy relationship and a get-to-know of each other’s personality.

Keeping your family happy doesn’t depend on the things that you can give them, but rather on how much time and its quality that you spend with them as well as the relationship you established with one another. May it be during meal time in which everyone of you could gather, a picnic perhaps, or a simple party to celebrate your being together with one another– anything away from work could do. Your wealth is never a basis of having a happy and united household.

Aside from the personal gain in your life you get by securing your family, it is really very important to keep track of what is happening in the lives of each one so you will know how to interact with them, and help them solve whatever problems they have.

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